"SideStick A3XX"

Deviations and effort of axis are working as in real "SideStick".

All buttons are working and all are programmed.

Also you have the opportunity to connect the axis and button "Tiller".

“Hall” sensors on X/Y axis.

Clearly expressed in the zero zone.

Interface: "Ethernet", supply voltage  5V DC.

Compatibility: "Lockheed Martin P3D", "X-Plane 9/10", " "ProSim:A320", " JeeHell FMGS", "Project Magenta", "AST A320", "

WILCO", "Aerosoft", others simulators and visual systems.




You see it in the "Windows" as a joystick: "Joy Device -1" it "SideStick Left (CPT)" and "Joy Device -2" it "SideStick Right (F/O)".


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SideStick Left (CPT) ------------------------------------------------------------- 970 Euro

SideStick Right (F/O) ----------------------------------------------------------- 970 Euro

SideStick Left (CPT) / Right (F/O) + Rudder & Brake axes --------- 2 000 Euro


Delivery time 15 days